Top Five Fears Regarding
Past Life Regression Therapy

Let us explore some of the common fears that people have regarding​ this scientific process.

Can I get stuck in a PLR session?

As a PLR therapist, we hear two implied concerns here:
1. Can I get stuck in the calm state and hence slip into a comma?
You wish you could! Yes, the trance states are so relaxing that many of us who have experienced this sate genuinely, hope we could stay in that state forever. The movie “Office Space” depicts this comically. Here is a YouTube link to the core scene in the video.
Nonetheless, as we go to sleep and wake up again no matter how tired we are and even if nobody wakes us up, similarly our Subconscious mind can bring us back to normal awareness even if the therapist is not competent.
2. Can I get stuck in a past life?
In case we tap into a traumatic past-life, which could surface naturally as nightmares too. The charge locked up in such past-lives is so powerful that they could shake us up for days. Which is where the skill of the tenured PLRT therapist comes into play, they can dexterously help you manage your emotions and defuse those stressful periods. Similar to how the bomb squads tiptoe to defuse a ticking bomb delicately.

How "Real" are my experiences in a PLRT session?

We want to start with the sermon that Morpheus gives to Neo who asks running his hands along a winged back chair, “This, this isn’t real?”

“What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world that you know…” “From the Matrix.”

How “Real” are my experiences in a PLRT session?

How real are our emotions, for which we do everything? A man mortgages his life to buy a house or a car and try to get the happiness that was advertised. There are no questions about the reality of a car or a house but how real is the happiness that this owner might get?

While you ponder on that, it is vital for us to note that our mind is an association machine. For example, if we have tasted an exotic fruit and need to explain it to a friend who has never eaten it, we would tell it to her by associating its taste to how a few local fruits mixed together would create a flavour similar to the former. Isn’t it?

Similarly, two things could happen to the experiences that spring from the depths of the Collective Unconscious:-
1. Our Conscious mind could associate it to an experience that it has already had and translate it in such a way that it makes sense to the senses!
2. Reading or watching a movie could have triggered some far-memories which start rumbling and which might have started experiencing in the unconscious level as irrational behaviour for which you might have sought the session.

It has generally been noted that the past-life memories that surface in a session are isomorphic. There is a complete chapter “What if this is made up” discussing this in the book Why Me?: Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?


What are the side effects of PLRT?

What are the side effects of Meditation? None right? Similarly, PLRT has absolutely no side effects, and even if there are, they are all good ones. 

An elderly lady had once visited me for a session about her infatuation for a very old person. She couldn’t make sense of this mania and felt guilty that she felt this was in her old age. We conducted the session working around this issue and after a week or so she reported that even her headache had vanished. The strange thing was that she had never even mentioned about this to me. Later on, her son also came for a session with us seeing the “miraculous” side-effect in his mother. 

When conducted by a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist, there is nothing to fear about PLRT as it is a natural process on the evolution of the soul. 

“The Jiva [soul in bondage viz. us] reviewing all the lifetimes like viewing a montage before attaining Nirvana is a natural process and known as Jaati Smaran. All the realized masters like Buddha, Mahavira, and so many Masters have passed through this station on their spiritual journey. The Jataka Tales records all the lifetimes of Buddha before self-realization. 


What if I discover something disagreeable about myself or someone in a PLRT Session?

It is normal for us to fear the unknown, as our Conscious mind is negatively biased (which springs from our survival instinct and is the one which kept us alive in the wild.)

However, when past life regression therapy is conducted by a qualified professional, there is absolutely need to fear what emerges, as they would be capable of handling and turning all experiences to the client’s advantage. 

Our Subconscious or Unconscious mind is holistic and is ever eager to heal us. (A property of a system known as Homeostasis.) Which in the first place could have brought you for the session. It is like a friendly librarian or Google 🙂 When you ask it the right question, it brings out the right book or search result. Reminds me of a quote from the Holy Bible, 

Or who is there among you, who, if his son
asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Matthew 7:9

Bottom line, no matter what is the past, remember that your own mighty subconscious and the qualified Therapist can Reframe whatever emerges to bring about a positive impact and healing.

I don't think I can tap into my past lives as I cannot relax?

 Yes, relaxation is the key to be able to tap into your distant memories. For example, only when we fall asleep can we have dreams. (Of course, some daydream with eyes open, but that is not what we are talking about.

Similarly, PLRT is based upon the scientific phenomenon that in the Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) we have access to the deeper layers of our Consciousness. And a qualified Therapist can induce these Altered States on a willing client.

As long as you are open to experiencing PLRT with a neutral attitude, the 15 Stage Amarantos PLRT process is battle tested to penetrate the depths of your consciousness to bring about holistic healing and relaxation as well. 

Enclosed is a sample EEG reading of a client before and after the session. 

Observe the 33% increase in calmness in just a few hours!

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Based upon a survey conducted by Sakshi of Aster batch on her blog below are the Myths and Fears related to PLRT which has been stopping several people from enjoying the benefits of this infallible therapy. 

I love these for the reason that they are relevant and addressing which there are so many who would be able to benefit from PLRT. 

Here is the top five question from clients.

"From what I have heard is that the practitioner needs to be really proficient. At times during the therapy, he is unable to bring the patient back to the present life. Is that true?"


Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Dr Srini: 
This is an unfounded fear as, as a client, you are always in touch with your conscious self even when deeply relaxed and engaged with the subconscious mind. Hence the question of not being able to return back to present life does not arise.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Arvind Khare
During regression, one only recalls and experiences what transpired in previous lives, similar to we recall past incidents of this life. Therefore there is no question of getting stuck in previous lives as one does not go anywhere and only accesses past memories stored in the subconscious.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Naveen:
This is not a time machine to go physically into our past/future, like how we see in movies. Wish if it was true I should have preferred to stay with god’s, instead of coming back to this earth. Because I went to the place of Gods & also saw them, when I got regressed by our master Venu.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Harish:
PLRT is about bringing the unconscious to the conscious so that the issue can be sorted. During the session one is fully conscious – can hear the sounds around or feel the touch etc. If one wants to come back, the person just needs to open their eyes and sit up. On a lighter note, the only issue is that they will not be stuck in that life even if they like to relive their past in the present. But, they will experience a hefty head or have a headache. But, if the client is brought back gradually from those memories to the current life, the heaviness will not be that severe. It is a myth that someone will start identifying themselves with the character in the past life or will be stuck in the time machine and will not come back.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Seema: 
This is the most common fear about PLRT 
A). I have not come across this possibility in any of the books written by different PLRT therapists. Our guru from Amarantos institute and all therapists trained there have not mentioned of any such case. In fact, some of them are successfully doing PLR on children as young as 4_5 years old with no negative effects. 
B). Even if the therapist gets a heart attack( extreme case) during the session and the client is left unattended, the client will either open his eyes as he is aware of what is going on outside of him or he will go to sleep and wake up on his own with his present awareness. 
C). Like the memory of a very engaging movie or a dream/ nightmare wears off after 1-2 days, the memory of traumatic events also go, but no one gets stuck. The positive effects produced due to the session of course remain. 
D) One of my clients went so deep she called herself by some other name and was speaking just like an old lady though her present age was 25 yrs; still, she came back in no time using the same procedure. 
E). Most importantly whether people believe it or not..this is a spiritual thing..with spiritual blessings from masters Naveen mentioned not everyone gets to meet a therapist or know about PLRT.So it is important to trust the therapist and the power of your subconscious mind ..remember it is linked to the universal subconscious and it knows what is best for you.No harm can come from the opening of your subconscious mind which is what happens in PLRT…
F) I avoid using the word hypnosis I use deep relaxation. 
G) while emerging make sure client comes back from where he started off scenery temple or whatever. 
H) I read in one of the references sent by Venu, to address the client with his name as much as possible during the session for, eg ” you who are David now was this lady in the past… and then what happens next.” 
Points F, G, H are for therapists. Some people are hard to convince we can only try our best. I hope I could provide useful information.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie:

PLRT is both skill and a science. Scientifically speaking, hypnosis is basically taking the brain activity level to Delta and accessing the unconscious mind. Induction slows down the Beeta activity but does not shut it. At any point of time in PLRT process, the client is conscious of what they are experiencing and they remember everything when they come out of the hypnosis. Also, the fact that they respond to everything from the context of their present life shows that their conscious mind is not completely shut. I have had a case where the client even said that she would not like to answer a specific question. This proves that the conscious mind is not completely shut. Therefore, it is impossible to leave a client in the past as their conscious remains active – though to a lesser extent – throughout the PLRT process. Just by opening their eyes the client would come back to the present.

"If there is one fear I would ever have, it is what degree of past life memories are may be a result of things I have learned since birth. I used to read 150 books a year and have studied history extensively. I know there are things buried in my subconscious mind that I have forgotten. The mind is a delicate web of neurons and is susceptible to even basic stimulus. I would like to know what kind of questions and suggestions therapists asks. "

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Dr Srini: 
While it is entirely possible that your own experiences such as of reading books and stories may impact on your recall of memories, we need to understand that what you may describe or recall during your regression therapy is a reflection of your subconscious mind and would still be valuable information for you to process and find answers for our problems.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Naveen:
Even after reading 150+ books. When you go to your past, it will be like reading a new book.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Harish: 
The therapist only asks you to go to the root from where the cause of your issue arises.  It is you who will be able to go and seek that life/ time, and it is you who would explain.  If you are thinking that you may make up your own story based on the books that you read and the information lying in your subconscious, you will be surprised that you may come up with something very different from what you have read and it is only after the entire session that you may be able to connect the dots and see the full picture.  I have seen people who are not so much into history or books or movies and tv serials, coming up with precise causes for the issue that they face. Believe me, if I ask you the same questions when you are conscious you will never be able to tell me a story which will give the root cause for your current issue.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie:

Purpose of PLRT is to go to the root cause of the issue faced in the current life for which resolution has been sought through PLRT. All the questions are therefore related to finding the root cause. It is the beauty of the human mind that the unconscious has all the information about the individual from the time immemorial. The questions which are asked are to allow the unconscious to reveal to the conscious the root cause of the current issue. It is true that even what has been read is lying somewhere in the unconscious mind but what gets accessed by the unconscious is the root cause. This is the innate intelligence of the human mind that it goes straight to the root cause.

"My question would be the same as the question I ask any doctor who recommends me treatment/medicine- What are the side effects of hypnotherapy and past life regression? If the therapy is responsible for creating positive thoughts... ​can it also harbour negativity? Can karma be changed with this therapy? If yes, then why in the first place do good karma?"

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Dr Srini:  

There are several questions in this.

1. “Can karma be changed with this therapy?”PLRT gives you an opportunity to draw insights into your current life with the help of accessing your past life memories. From ancient times onwards Rishis have been able to access this cosmic mind and find answers which have helped mankind. The hypnotic regression can be compared with a deep meditative experience.Clients often cherish this spiritual experience. So, having gained insights, it is then up to the client to implement the divine knowledge as well as follow life as per the understanding of the karmic patterns that they have understood. It can be argued that the very participation of the client in plrt was part of the divine plan for the client and not a deviation from what he or she was destined to undergo.

2. “Why in the first place do good karma?”It should be understood that a therapy is not about erasure of karmic deeds done whether good or bad. It is an opportunity to gain awareness of karmic patterns in one’s existence through many lives that have taken place and perhaps due to come. Doing Nishkaama karma should be the goal(Conducting ourselves without attaching to the result or the fruit of action). In this world, one needs to be aware of being wrapped in Maya or Illusion all the time and make an effort to be in constant union with the divine to really be able to practice Nishkaama Karma.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Naveen:

Can karma be changed with this therapy? If yes, Why in first place do good karma ?How many people know about PLRT in this world. Those who know about PLRT, how many of them believe in PLRT. Those who believe in PLRT, how many of them have the interest to take PLRT. Those who have interest, how many of them will find a genuine therapist. Those who can find, how many of them can go to their past.It’s not as simple as we talk. If we just keep doing good karma then only God will give us a chance to change our karma.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Harish:

Multiple questions here:-

1. Side effects: I am not aware of any side effect of PLRT. I would in fact state that it is the safest.

2. Can the therapy harbour negative thoughts: Honestly, have not seen or heard anyone stating that they harboured negativity after the therapy. Just as a knife can be used to cut vegetables or to kill someone, similarly we can use any knowledge for the good or bad. Unless both you and the therapist want to harbour negativity, I do not think it is possible. You need two hands to clap.

3. Can Karma be changed with the therapy: After reading many books on religion and spirituality, my understanding of karma was that if I do bad to someone then the bad comes back to me. But, what I learnt from PLRT is that even though I did something bad only once, the bad comes back to me again and again. This keeps happening like a pattern. The only reason is that the purpose of the fruit of karma is not ‘vengeance’ or ‘revenge’, it is to teach the person a lesson that the bad thing the person has done hurts someone, is not good for the self etc. Karma theory teaches empathy and love. Once the person has learnt the lesson the pattern stops. In simple words, if you truly repent after having done bad karma, it kills the fruit because you have learnt your lesson. Through this therapy, one becomes aware of what is the wrongdoing and the lesson the person needs to learn, and that is how the karmic debt is repaid. If after the therapy, the person does not change or has not learnt the lesson, the issue will continue.

4. If yes, why do good karma? If you don’t do good karma and do only bad karma, how will the therapy work, because you are not learning your lesson and you can’t keep getting PLRT done every day to resolve your bad karmas. Further, the purpose of the therapy is not to change your past karmas or resolve the issues of the past lives. It is for you to realize the bigger picture of you being immortal and the realization of the evolutionary journey.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie:

a. Does it have any side effect? Not read about any side effects in any of the literature or reports to the best of my knowledge. PLRT is one of the safest ways of getting to the root cause of suffering.

b. Can it harbour negativity? The process involves witnessing the whole event from a higher perspective. Particularly progressing the client to the event of soul review process after the death, happens in a perspective of compassion, unconditional love and learnings as to what could have been done better in the life gone by in terms of learning. This therefore totally obviates harbouring any negativity.

c. Changing Karma?Karma once done is done, and it cannot be changed. What PLRT enables is to make the client understand the root cause of the suffering in current life originating from a past life when the Karma was set into motion. Souls before birth decide the learnings they would like to undergo in the chosen life so that they do not keep on repeating the same suffering life after life due to a failure in learning the lesson.

My fear related to past life regression is, going into the past and experiencing something negative about the ones I deeply love.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Arvind Khare: 

All human beings are the creation of Almighty, and we can only love them. We sometimes do not like them only because of prejudices we carry consciously or subconsciously. Past life regression helps us in overcoming these prejudices and thus can only help us in our relations with others.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Naveen:

If you are loving someone deeply in this life, then I don’t think there is a possibility of you hating that person in any of your past life. Your loved ones remain your loved ones only, even in your past life. Sometimes only the relationships change. Love or hate, the patterns will continue; they never change. 

If you have got hurt in your past life by someone. Then you will be hurting him/her in present life also or vice-versa. Because the patterns will continue. If you discover something negative and if you really understand the reason why it’s happening in present life also then you will realize and forgive the other person. Instead of facing the trauma head-on, you might stop hating that person.


Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Harish: 

If you love someone deeply in this life, then you may not actually experience anything negative about your relationship with them, unless you specifically go and search for the negative experiences with them. If you want to go into somebody else’s life, you may not be allowed to go and check about their negativity. So, you can be rest assured that this fear is unwarranted.

If you had a bad dream, how long will the negativity affect you? Few hours, one or two days. Similarly, if you experience something in the past life about yourself then you should be looking at setting it right. You may have to forgive someone, or seek forgiveness, forgive yourself or love someone or learn some lesson. Once, you have done that you will overcome the issue you are facing in the current life that arises from that past. If it is something that you really regret, then you will definitely come out of it, otherwise, the suffering will continue. (


Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie:

The innate intelligence of the unconscious mind enables you to go to the root cause of any suffering which the client is undergoing in the current life. If there is no relationship issue in the current life with the person the client loves then it will definitely not take the client to an unpleasant moment in the past life.

Innate intelligence of the unconscious mind always takes the client to the root cause of their current sufferings. If there is anything in the past between the two persons which is causing the current issue then it is likely that it would surface. However, witnessing of the event through a higher perspective during PLRT process allows catharsis of the trauma, learning the lesson and thus letting go of the suffering in the current life. 

"My fear would be that I can't let go enough to be hypnotized and anything else I am afraid of. I feel I will not be able to see my past due to this."


Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Naveen:

Whatever may be the fear. at the time of regression, if that person stops thinking too much and follows the instructions. Then the possibility of experiencing their past is more. 

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Harish:

You need to understand the process and just simply trust your therapist and follow the instructions. Quieting your conscious mind will help you experience the past. Also, you should be keen to explore the past.

Response From Amarantos Trained Therapist Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie:

Should this happen, then the therapist has many methodologies to take the client through induction


"I am blissed-out inside-out."