It couldn’t have been without You!



Stepping into the 3rd Year, Amarantos thanks each and every one of you for being with us and helping us go this far. We are astonished to see so much of an interest in our humble endeavour.

Though arduous,  Amarantos has blessed us with such bountiful blessings, from meeting such amazing people, to given us the pleasure of witnessing first hand the powerful of Past Life Regression Therapy in healing….

We also take this opportunity  to thank the gracious Masters, who have always been assuring us of their loving guidance and help.

The major learning that we treasure and would like to share with you is

“The wall separating the past lives from the present lives is a very fragile one.”

Which means that almost anyone can experience their past lives to get to the root cause of what might be ailing them.

As Dr. Weiss says ” There is an explosive interest” in people wanting to learn this unfailing art and we have been receiving several requests from people for a training. Due to which Amarantos has finally come up with a workshop to share the learnings and experiences by offering an intensive training workshop, you can know more about it here.

All our best wishes to you.


If there is one wealth you want to gain, gain Meditation.

If there is one art you would like to master, master Meditation.

If there is one sport that you would like to enjoy, enjoy Meditation.

Let Meditation be what you live to practice.