We are overwhelmed at the response.

Thank you! the Aug 2016 event was fully sold out in a week’s time and a month in advance, and had a waiting list, due to which we are planning to schedule another training in the Christmas of 2016.



With the increasing number of requests from aspirants to learn this unfailing therapy and to experience the joy of sharing my learnings so far, we will be conducting a 5-day comprehensive training in Past Life Regression Therapy from Saturday, 24th Dec 2016 to  28th for the selected students.

After attending this session, the student will be able to conduct Past Life Regression Therapy… all that while having the opportunity to also explore their own past lives or childhood, or in-utero memories–those which could be the cause of a fear or depression or troubled relationship or a so called incurable disease.

Both therapists and non-therapists are welcome. If you are already a hypnotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist this will add to your toolkit the unfailing technique to quickly and effectively cure your patients using this drugless medical modality.

You will learn and for those who have already learnt, you will hone up your skills in the professional and scientific approach to Past Life Regression Therapy along with :-

Experiential exercises
Interviewing Techniques
Regressions Techniques
Hypnosis Techniques
Induction Techniques
Deepening Techniques
Intensive Practical Skills
Tying all these learnings in the context of Ancient Wisdom,

Most Importantly, this training is comprehensive. You would not have to take up any other “advanced” trainings after completing this 5-day training. 

Write to us on neha@amarantos.org if you would like to know more.

Important Note:
This course will be psycho-spiritual in nature, a belief in something higher than the tangible world is a must.
Only people with pure motive to reach out to humanity are recommended to apply. 
Please be warned that this course is going to be intense and a lot of preparation work would need to be done from your end even before the course begins and the student should be willing to dedicate 4 hours every week to prepare for this course.
Ensure your wellbeing before the training as it might be demanding.
We would like to create an environment that is intimate and provide the confidence the attendees need to share their personal experiences. Hence no recording of any kind will be allowed.

The course will be in English only.



Starting on Saturday 24th Dec 2016

Bangalore City

If you are interested for signing up, please apply for the training and you will receive further details if your application has been short listed.