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Past Life Regression Therapy


“Sometimes, overcoming our fear to communicate new ideas to the world is what brings us joy.”

From “Through Time into Healing” by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D.

It is in obedience to the orders of our Loving Master and in experiencing the joy of above, that we have started off on this humble endeavour.

Amarantos in Greek means an unfading flower!

Which is what the wonderful soul or spirit–that we are!

It’s eternal, blissful and because of which all “is“.

Amarantos is the name given to our endeavour– aimed at solving even the most difficult issues confronting anyone. This is done by using techniques like Past Life Regression Therapy. Adding to this, we feel very fortunate to have been taught directly by the guru on this subject Dr. Brian Weiss M.D. himself.

Hope that while going through this website you get what you are looking for!

If you need assistance on solving your problem like below using Past Life Regression Therapy,

Depression, suicidal tendencies which takes one life every half minute…
Chronic diseases like asthma and other breathing problems…
Fears or phobias of snakes, heights, water and etc…
Addictions to drugs, smoking, alcohol and etc can be removed…
Grief due to demise of loved one can be managed….
Headaches due to stress and  OCD can be cured…
Obesity and Digestion related problems…

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Thanks to Amazon for having published Amarantos story in this book



Amarantos is a not for profit venture, we supplicate the joy of healing you and our operational costs.

It is in our Nature to Love or rather its natural for us to love.

It is in our Nature to Love
or rather its natural for us to love.